Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Magic of the Universe

"Magic of the Universe" 1986
 aka "Salamamgkero"

Directed by: Tata Esteban

Starring: Globo, Tom Tom, and a Witch

The best thing in the whole universe happens in this movie and it's "Globo - as himself". Yes, Globo plays himself and wait until it happens man you are going to flip the f-ck out. We had partaken of the super magic before watching and when Globo came into our lives we were speechless and frightened. He just laughs and laughs or maybe it's not a laugh at all, more like someone trying to hold in a burp or hiccuping real loud, but over and over and over again until you can't take it anymore. I guess the story has to do with this magician guy whose great grandfather made this old witch crazy ugly and deformed for no reason and now no one wants to sleep with her so she's all upset at everyone. Her head pulsates and her face melts a lot also. There really is no story though, it's just lazers and swamp thing and fat ninja kids and this huge dude with a sword that when it hits trees makes blue flame happen. That part was my favorite. Oh and there's himself. So you're thinking "all this sounds pretty good, but what about something like the party band scene in the bar in Star Wars? cuz I liked that." Well my dear friends, there is a scene almost exactly like that scene except they are in the underworld or something and the band looks like Gwar, which is awesome. It's a good break time to just let yourself go and be as free as you wanna be man. This movie wins the special prize.

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