Monday, September 05, 2011

Goodbye Gemini

Goodbye Gemini - 1970
Directed by Alan Gibson
Starring Jacki and Julian
the weird ass twins

This movie ruled pretty hard. Totally killer soundtrack that opens with a heavy psych jam over footage of the twins riding the bus. Pretty rad. I like those long intros with a good tune playing, let's you get into the mood and find a good spot to put down the remote and grab your beer. You know, get comfy without missing anything. I should say that if you are a homophobic who really likes all the 3d remakes happening right now then go click around on some other page. This is for open minded types who know what "character development" means. I love movies like this man, a whole lot of vibe and very little plot. Great sideburns, great outfits, great cars, swinging London greatness, color bursting out at you everywhere, bear skin blankets, fuzzed out guitars, whiskey, weed, what else do you need?

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